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25 November

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My name is Sarah. I am 23 years old.
Alot of people know me as "kandy" around livejournal becuase of my two old lj names.
I am a full time mommy to a wonderful son named Hunter who just turned 4 years old on 1-21
I'm an awesome wife to the greatest guy around Mike. he's awesome and he's my everything.
I love making pretty things in psp and as3. my latest kick is making pretty jewelry and scrapbooks.
I am a really friendly person once you get to know me. I am very outspoken about a lot of things in this world. If you dont like my opinions then thats your choice.
I dont believe in abortion no matter what unless the mother might die from having the child.
I dont believe in using abortions as a method of birth control.
I believe in vaccines and my sons gets them.
I stronly believe in breast feeding children. its the best thing in the world for them.

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My son Hunter is 4 years old. he's my life.
My husband Mike is the greatest guy there is.
we've been together since 2-16-01 and we've been married since 11-17-01.
He lets me stay at home with our son so I dont have to put him in daycare. got a problem with it, then too bad for you.
I dont spend all day on line or watching tv like some stay at home "moms" do.
I work with our son so he'll be the smartest kind in his class when he goes to preschool in September.
My family means more to me than anything in this world. I would kill for both my son and my husband. those are the two people who dont get messed with because if you do you'll be dealing with the wrath of Sarah.


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Image hosting by PhotobucketMy family.
Image hosting by PhotobucketMy Marriage.
Image hosting by PhotobucketOur home.
Image hosting by PhotobucketPhotography.
Image hosting by PhotobucketMaking Jewelry.
Image hosting by PhotobucketChildren.
Image hosting by PhotobucketGraphics.
Image hosting by PhotobucketMaking Layouts.
Image hosting by PhotobucketShopping.
Image hosting by PhotobucketCollecting Dvds.
Image hosting by PhotobucketPlaying with my son.
Image hosting by PhotobucketListening to Music.
Image hosting by PhotobucketSystem of a Down.
Image hosting by PhotobucketGoing to the beach.
Image hosting by PhotobucketPlaydates.
Image hosting by PhotobucketTattoos and Body Piercings

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Image hosting by PhotobucketDrama.
Image hosting by PhotobucketRacists.
Image hosting by PhotobucketChild Abusers.
Image hosting by PhotobucketAbortions.
Image hosting by PhotobucketSnow.
Image hosting by PhotobucketPopcorn.
Image hosting by PhotobucketWhen my son is sick.
Image hosting by PhotobucketCold Weather.
Image hosting by PhotobucketDiners.
Image hosting by PhotobucketGold Jewelry.
Image hosting by PhotobucketCoke.
Image hosting by PhotobucketMost types of meat.
Image hosting by PhotobucketDiet Soda.


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Our 5 year wedding anniversary
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Hunter will be 4 years old..!!!
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Days until Bush leaves office.

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